Lithium for Lease

Everyone agrees Lithium is better. Now they cost less than AGM.

They are  Lighter. They charge faster, They lasts 5 times as long.  You can check them from home so you know your boat batteries are fully charged before you go to your boat BUT - they also cost a lot more up-front.

WE ARE CHANGING ALL THAT. We now offer Lithium Batteries as a Service. 

Never buy another battery.  We install the batteries, maintain the batteries, and replace the battery when they need replacing at no cost to you. 

1 year lease. You pay us $150 per year per 1KW( the average 12v battery is 100Ah) , and we will make sure your batteries are good.

Period. Our Lithium batteries last that long that we are putting our money where our mouth is and you know you will never need to buy another battery.  What's more, we will install the batteries, and re-install new batteries whenever necessary. It is all in