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BLUE SEA SYSTEMS 120/240V AC Main Circuit Breaker Panel

BLUE SEA SYSTEMS 120/240V AC Main Circuit Breaker Panel

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120/240V AC Main Circuit Breaker Panel


A traditional stand-alone AC main panel for 120V or 240V systems

Blue Sea Systems traditional metal breaker panels have been installed in boats for years. They have become the standard for reliability and design. A wide variety of breaker styles and ratings make these panels an easy choice for most electrical systems. This AC panel provides a great way to control 120V or 240V AC power. It is comes pre-wired for easy installation with a 50A triple pole C-Series breaker and neutral and safety ground buses installed. Reverse polarity indicator light warns if polarity is switched; a not too uncommon situation at the dock. Pre-installed large format labels are backlit for visibility in low or not light conditions and can be changed.

Key Features

  • Traditional aluminum plate structure matches many pre-existing panels
  • Includes C-Series 50A triple pole breaker
  • Red reverse polarity indicator LED
  • Neutral and safety ground buses installed
  • Pre-installed backlit labels (can be changed to meet application)
  • LED indicator lights note ON position
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Voltage: 24V DC, 120V AC
  • Switch Rating: 50A
  • Dimensions: 3 ¾"H x 5 ¼"W
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