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BLUE SEA SYSTEMS DC Digital Voltmeter Panel and Back Panel , 7 to 60V DC

BLUE SEA SYSTEMS DC Digital Voltmeter Panel and Back Panel , 7 to 60V DC

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BLUE SEA SYSTEMS DC Digital Voltmeter Panel and Back Panel , 7 to 60V DC

Monitor and maintain three battery banks with a dedicated voltmeter

Keep your battery banks in check with the Blue Sea Systems DC Digital Voltmeter Panel and Back Panel. This pre-mounted voltmeter panel allows you to monitor and maintain up to three battery banks with ease. According to Practical Sailor, Blue Sea Systems is one of the most trusted names in marine electrical systems. The selector switch lets you easily choose which battery bank to monitor, while the large red LED numbers on the digital voltmeter provide easy-to-read information on the battery's voltage level. This display also features three levels of brightness, making it easier to read at night. The gray aluminum mounting plate matches many existing panels, and is designed to look at home in the nav-station or at the helm. With a lifetime warranty, you can be sure that this digital voltmeter panel is built to last.


The lifespan of a battery bank is dependent on how it has been treated. Discharging a bank below manufacturer’s recommended levels or leaving a battery discharged for long periods of time can shorten its life. Voltmeters provide boaters with the critical information they need to maintain and maximize battery life. Blue Sea Systems offers two pre-mounted voltmeters aimed at three battery bank systems. A three position selector switch chooses the bank to be monitored. The gray aluminum mounting plate will look at home next to larger industry standard Blue Sea Systems panels in the nav-station or at the helm. The digital voltmeter features large red LED numbers that are easy to read and provide three brightness levels making these displays easier on your eyes while using at night.

Key Features

  • Pre-mounted on industry standard panel; matches many existing panels
  • Pre-wired three position selector switch to choose battery bank to be monitored
  • Easy to read display
  • Digital voltmeter has red LED with three levels of display brightness for use at night
  • Lifetime warranty

Specifications; Digital Meter

  • Meter: Voltage
  • Face Size: 2 3/4"
  • Function: 7-60V
  • Backlighting Amperage: N/A
  • Meter Current: .60 Watt (minimum consumption), 1 watt (maximum consumption)
  • Dimensions: 3 3/4"H X 5 1/4"W
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