Please call us at 323-922-4879 or schedule a time to talk on link at top of home page . 

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1 hour response time: We are available when you need us. Please text us on our mobile devices and we will get back to you within the hour. 

New Service Estimates:To schedule an appointment for an estimate for us to come to your boat and review a job, click here to see when we will be in your area. In general we are in Ventura/Oxnard/Santa Barbara on Wednesdays and Thursdays, North Bay ( Marina del Ray) on Monday and Tuesday, and South Bay( Long Beach) on Friday and Saturday.

New Battery Installs: To schedule an appointment for our team to install a new leased Lithium Battery. click here to see 

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FOR SUPPLIERS: If you are a supplier, we have dedicated office hours to connect with you from 7am to 9am PST every morning and from 4pm to 6pm every evening. You may click here to reserve an appointment time at your convenience. 



PRODUCTS Billing : 

All Parts Bill Estimates are required to be paid in advance. 

Final credit/debit reconciliation is done at the end of each project.

All of our Parts for our customers boats are sold to them at cost plus ( always less than 10%) so as an owner you know you are not going to be gouged as is so often the case. The warranty from the manufacturers on all the parts we install flows through to the boat owner.  We provide complete manuals and details of all installations so our customers always know what was done and what products were used. 

Product and Services Documentation and Support: We provide every customer with a digital folder where they can find every manual and installation detail on the products we provide to them and this is where wiring diagrams, schematics, warranty info, etc live in perpetuity. Please email us at if you need more info about a product or service you have purchased from us. We are here to educate and help as best we can. 




All Hourly Service Charges are required to be paid in full at the end of each week or when the job is done,  whichever is first.

All Services Jobs are in two categories, 1: Estimated Jobs and 2: Time and Materials Jobs. 

1: Estimated Jobs

All Estimated Jobs are required to be paid in three steps.

1. 50% Pre-payment on acceptance of estimate. 

2. Each week client will be invoiced and pre-payment credit will be applied against that invoice.

3.When prepayment credit has been fully applied Client is required to pay in full at the end of each week.

Ex: For a $10,000 Estimate, $5000 is payable by client on acceptance.  When all the pre-payment has been used up, client is responsible weekly for payment. 

2: Time and Materials Jobs. 

We bill each week and payment must be received from client by Monday morning to be on the schedule for the next week.